Elisa’s Easter Raw Chocolate & Coconut Macaroons!

Easter is around the corner … and that means chocolate! I LOVE chocolate, but the thought of all the sugar in shop-bought Easter treats gives me a headache – so today, I’d like to share my favourite Easter delight. These aren’t the intensely sweet, full of food colouring French Macaroons, nor are they the processed Macaroons from the supermarket. 
These are little pieces of heaven that melt in your mouth. GUILT FREE and SO good, you’ll need all your willpower to not devour them before they are finished! 

 Proudly dairy free, gluten-free, nut free, processed sugar-free!

Here’s how:


2¾ cups of coconut flakes

¾ c of maple syrup / rice malt syrup

2 t vanilla extract

¼ t salt (preferably Himalayan sea salt)

2 cups desiccated coconut.

½ cup coconut oil (optional)

 Chocolate coating:

1/2 cup cacao

1/2 cup raw organic agave nectar / raw coconut nectar

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted


Process 2¾ cups of coconut flakes in your food processor. (This could take up to 10 minutes). You want it smooth & creamy. (Stop and scrape regularly).
Cheat: add about ½ cup of melted coconut oil to the mix to hasten the process.

Add maple syrup / rice malt syrup, vanilla essence, salt and pulse until well mixed. Add desiccated coconut.  Process until well mixed.

Scoop small teaspoons into balls and place into either a dehydrator at 40c for 8-12 hours or the oven on the lowest possible temperature. (You want the outside to be lightly crispy & deliciously soft inside).

Chocolate Coating:

Whisk all ingredients together. Dip the macaroons into the chocolate, remove with a fork and place on a rack.   (You can add roasted almonds, garnish with some flaky salt…the options are endless!)

 Remember, we’ll have these, as well as our yummy salted cacao option, for you at Reality Bites Café Rangiora! 

 Have fun! We would love to hear about your experiments!

Elisa x