Summertime goodies at RB Rangiora!

We are proud to announce that Reality Bites Rangiora are now stocking Tommy & James Nice Blocks and Nice Creams! 

These are New Zealand’s first coconut-based ice cream. Nice Cream is not only dairy and gluten free, it’s also vegan, nut free and soy free so it’s especially allergy
friendly — and best of all, it actually tastes great!

In three creamy flavours — Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana Bean — the best part is they contain less sugar and half the fat of regular ice cream, making it delicious and guilt-free.

Because Nice Cream uses coconut cream instead of dairy, it’s also cholesterol free and contains all of the health benefits of the magical coconut, including easily assimilated medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid, which is good for the immune system. Turns out eating ice cream can be good for you!!!

Available now at Rangiora Reality Bites - Nice Creams are just $4 and Nice Blocks $3.50 -  we'll be bringing them out of the cafe on Dec 14th to Victoria Park  for The Rangiora Toyota Santa Parade! Come and see us there! 


Summer never tasted SO good!